Curious if an Indoor or Studio Session is right for you? Read on, friend. You'll be asking yourself why not by the end.

Perfect for all seasons. Chilly winter sessions with runny noses and frozen fingers not your cup of tea? Indoor sessions offer a warm and cozy atmosphere. And in contrast, hot temps or humidity can create unwanted hair or wardrobe issues. Staying inside offers air conditioning and comfort - and if Mamma is happy, everyone is happy ;)

Light. Light can be modified, controlled, and creatively used within an indoor space. Unlike a sunset session where Mother Nature is in control, you can book at more convenient times throughout the day.

Toss the bug spray. No more soaking your skin in bug repellant and smelling like you just returned from a weekend in the woods. Staying indoors offers a safe space from bugs and critters (yes, I've come across my fair share of snakes) mud, stickers and weeds, etc. - especially if that is not your happy place. Being in an environment where you feel most at ease will create the outcome you are hoping for!

Baby and Kid-Friendly. When welcoming a new baby, or helping one of your more quiet or shy children feel at ease, there is truly no better place than your home. When they recognize and trust the place they are in, they'll be more relaxed and willing to go along.

Relaxing for adults, too! No long car drives, sitting in traffic, or stressful packing of multiple snacks, blankets, toys, etc. You can shoot within the comfort of your own home, or pick an intimate studio and take advantage of your kids being "corralled" into one space. You can have a clean place to set down your things and capture your favorite details in a cozier setting.